Carpet Fibre

Solution Dyed Nylon

We predominantly sell and recommend 100% Solution Dyed Nylon carpet. Qualities include being colourfast and very resistant to sunlight, fading and stains.

Solution Dyed Nylon is a great choice for many applications and usually comes as a cut pile carpet. Such varieties will look fresh for many years.


New Zealand wool is the highest quality and makes excellent loop pile carpets. Wool is generally resistant to stains and soiling, keeps bad smells at bay and doesn’t melt when in contact with fire. Wool is also great for people with allergies and is known for its durability, resilience and luxurious look. Unfortunately, wool will fade over time with the harsh U.V rays from the New Zealand sun.


A derivative of Polyester, Triexta carpets usually feel sumptuous and soft and are stain resistant and colourfast.


Polypropylene carpets offer good fade and stain resistance for a reasonable price. Once considered a poor man’s choice, they are reliable and easy to clean.


Another good choice if you’re on a budget, Polyester carpets are especially colourfast and offer a soft touch. However, Polyester is more suitable for homes with low traffic, due to its low resilience when compared to other fabrics.