Carpet Styles

Cut Pile

Cut Pile samples

Cut pile is a plain or two-tone carpet style, which is currently more popular due to its simple and modern elegance. Though it’s important to know that all cut pile carpets will show signs of ‘shading’ or ‘tracking’ such as footprints or vacuum cleaner lines being visible when brushed one way or another. The softer the carpet, the more likely this tracking will occur; however, this is not a sign of low quality.

The best way to minimise tracking/shading is to choose a denser carpet. Long loose piles, soft touch and plush pile carpets will track most visibly.

Cut pile carpets are perfect for residential homes, especially if there are pets around. Unlike loop pile carpets, cut pile fibres don’t have threads that can easily be pulled.

Loop Pile

Cut Pile samples

Made by forming a loop in the thread, loop pile carpets offer a wider variety of patterns, textures and colours. They do not shade/track like cut piles, however they do not feel as soft underfoot as a cut pile carpet. Loop piles tend to show joins more visibly and are prone to pulled threads.