Garage Carpet Specialist

Transform your garage and add another room to your property!

Standard 6m x 6m Garage = *$995.00 Including GST.
*(Within 15km from central Whangarei)

$27.64 per square metre fully installed including GST.

Product manufacturer offers a 5 year defect warranty. We will offer a two year labour warranty.

Carpet adds warmth and insulation to any room. Perfect for garage, gym, kids play room, sports, warehouse, laundry, man cave etc.

Brand: Belgotex
Product: Blend
Colour: Anthracite (Charcoal)   Width: 3.0m & 4m

  • Carpet thickness 7.2mm
  • High U.V rating
  • Stain Resistant
  • Rot Proof
  • Washable
  • Glued down with a water resistant glue
  • Safe - no more dusty / slippery floors
  • Includes a rubber finishing strip for the front of the garage
  • 5 year needlepunch warranty

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Garage Carpet

Why should I carpet my garage?

Carpeting your garage can transform a space where you once parked your car and stored tools, into anything from a home gym, to a home office, craft room, games room, rumpus room or music room.

With tougher, more durable fibres are on the market, carpeting your garage has never been easier.

Adding carpet to your garage adds value to your home, while creating warmth and comfort. With no dusty, slippery concrete, the floor will also be safer, with the advantage of being extremely durable and easy to clean with a vacuum.

Frequently asked questions:

How is garage carpet installed?

Garage carpet is glued directly to the floor.

Can I carpet over vinyl or painted floors?

Yes, provided the vinyl is not lifting, and the paint is not flaking off.

How long after installation can I move furniture back onto the carpet?

You can move the furniture back straight away.

How long after installation can I drive on my garage carpet?

6 hours.

What happens if the carpet gets wet?

Garage carpet is made to withstand water, and will eventually dry out.

How do you finish the carpet at the front of the garage?

A rubber finishing strip in Installed.

Other tips:

  • Don't drag furniture over garage carpet, especially over the rubber finishing strip at the front.
  • Use castors on any sharp or heavy shelving feet.
  • Turps is the best product to use to remove stains from garage carpet.
  • To clean garage carpet, use a leaf blower followed by a vacuum.

Garage carpet

Garage carpet

Garage carpet

Garage carpet

Garage carpet before

Garage carpet after

"Great service and very professional. Matt did a fantastic job supplying and installing our garage carpet in a steel framed shed, awesome job Matt thank you."
Lynda Jury. 08/20

"Have just had carpet supplied and laid by Matt in a double garage. Excellent service and workmanship. I would highly recommend."
Liz Sherwin. 02/20

"Matt did our garage carpet a few weeks ago and did a great job. Really happy with the service and product, the garage looks great!! Highly recommended."
Kris Martinovich. 01/20